The Secret to Winning Your Disability Claim: The Greatest Story Wins

You’ve finally discovered the key to winning your disability benefits claim: Tell the finest tale possible. This is the first post you should read if you are unfamiliar with how we work at Resolute Legal. It educates you how to tell a better tale than your opponents while representing clients in disability claims or appeals. […]

Long-term Disability Surveillance: What are the answers?

Is it legal to monitor someone with a long-term disability? When they detect someone watching them, many people ask this question initially. Surveillance is not only legal, but it is also more prevalent than most people believe. Top earners, younger persons, persons with just an invisible disease, and people who have been allowed to receive […]

Long-Term Disability – What Is It?

It is a sort of income replacement payment for long-term disability. Because long-term disability refers to monthly compensation, we’re talking about permanent disabilities here. You must be unable to work for a lengthy period of time as a result of your condition. However, these advantages are not available to everyone. Members of a plan or […]

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